Spotlight on Return to Work: Rwanda






In the recent past, the mining sector in Rwanda has witnessed unprecedented growth. This is particularly so, in relation to construction materials and dimension stones whose demand has risen sharply to meet the needs of the housing sector. A rise in the number of quarries serving the construction industry has signaled a need to enforce standards and regulations in quarrying.

The Ministry of Natural Resources hired an expert to design safety standards in Mining under the Strategic Capacity Building Initiative. The expert was to work
with a local counterpart to develop this important document for the small-scale mining sector. The local counterpart for this exercise is Sam Ryumugabe, who was sponsored by the ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme to participate in the 2016 edition of the Emerging Leaders in African Mining (ELAM) programme.

The skills and knowledge acquired by Sam during ELAM 2016 were instrumental in ensuring that health and safety standards for small-scale quarrying operations were included in the recently developed draft Mining Standards and Regulations under review in Rwanda.


Photo: Sam Ryumugabe talking about Rwanda's natural resource endowment at the ELAM 2016 program in South Africa.

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