Zambia, Guinea & Cameroon: First Ever Census Puts Development Minerals on the Map






Zambia and Cameroon carried out a detailed snap survey while Guinea held extensive national consultations in order to provide a comprehensive assessment and profile of Development Minerals in the three countries. More particularly, the surveys and consultations provided the first-ever detailed overview of the sector including: major sites of extraction, type of commodities mined, production data, people employed and self-employed in the mining and beneficiation process and the legal status of mines/miners and quarries. The aim of this exercise was to ensure publicly available and easily accessible geological data for all interested stakeholders.

By profiling the range of commodities mined, the sites of extraction and beneficiation, and the business and employees involved in the sector, these snap surveys and national consultations provide a starting point, backed by reliable data and information for effective and impactful implementation of the ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme activities.


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